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giardino d'ombra

 art installation

Giardino d’ombra is an art installation realised during/for the Music and Art festival Waking life 2023, around the lake shore of Barragem das Nascentes in the heart of Alentejo (PT).
Giardino d’ombra consists of an octagonal wooden platform, raised in the east coast of the lake, the more hilly and irregular area of the natural reserve. The pavilion is bounded by long white curtains hanged on circular wood poles, which adapt the drop of the soil. The result is an intimate venue immersed in the surrounding landscape.
Since the vertical elements are hidden by the tissue, it appears as a floating abstract place, suspended in time but simultaneously constantly changing.
The pavilion appears as a secret isolated oasis/capsule since it’s hidden from the nearby walking paths but totally visible from a distance. The landscape is the main star and performer of the installation: thank to the sunlight of the day, and to the artificial floodlights during the night, the silhouettes of trees, bushes, flowers, and insects are dematerialized and projected over the tents, the forms of the surrounding nature constantly change on the fabric walls inflated by winds and breezes becoming an abstract image that disturbs and enchants us.
From thought comes thought, here we are immersed in the deepest of reveries.
The pavilion in its simplicity is a poetic device for rethinking the relationship between man and nature through contemplation
and meditation.

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