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reflective grove

land art installation with collettivo 00

Have you ever imagined recognizing yourself in a forest? the installation develops the theme of a man-nature relationship and aims to make the neat separation between these two entities clear.
We wanted to create an oniric place defined by the dynamic relation between person and forest, an oasis with its own features that becomes a unique and distinguishable contact point.
the installation comprehends a group of 12 close trees, whose trunks are covered in reflective material that does not exceed 2 meters in height.
The reflective surfaces wrap the trees entirely. in this way, the perception of the space becomes twisted and the boundary between man and pinewood changes constantly in a potentially endless illusion.
The aim is to smash down the perceptive limits but also to meditate on the categories of man and natural environment, trying to think of the world as a non-anthropocentric reality but instead as deeply ecocentric phenomenon.

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