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vuoto cielo

urban art temporary installation 

Vuoto cielo is a spatial event that can be repeated many times in different places with the same rules, the urban performance  always starts the same but ends up in different ways. 

Vuoto cielo is the place of election for the unexpected, the indeterminate and the unforeseen.
the idea is to create a simple and empty element that evokes a canvas, free of limitations or codes of use, to be filled and shaped without rules.
The project involves the positioning of two mirror panels that form an obtuse angle, one surface laid on the ground and the other inclined with respect to the horizontal plane. The configuration of this installation allows us to insert in the canvas an omnipresent but no longer central element of the urban space: the sky. combining verticality and horizontality we can reinterpret the environment.
Through the contamination and appropriation of the object, public space is activated and the transformation of urban space is triggered. the goal is to explore the urban reality that fills our daily lives, using a new lens. The simplicity of the mirror allows the audience to feel part of the city in an unexpected way and leaves them free to imagine, explore, reinvent the public space thanks to the inclusion of the sky in the painting.

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